Acupuncture Associates of Castle Rock

Street Address: 107 5th St. Suite B Castle Rock, Colorado 80104
Phone: 720-445-6292

We have 2 practitioners and are open 6 days a week.
New Patient Special: 1st treatment + detailed history + TCM diagnosis + 2 computerized assessments = $99 ($325 value)

“Never let your fear of needles stop you from receiving acupuncture! I had sciatica that brought me to Acupuncture Associates in Castle Rock.
The first day I used a wheel chair to get into the facility. I was met with kind, gentle and professional people. They immediately evaluated me and started a treatment right away. Rebecca was easy to talk with and very knowledgeable about what personal treatments would work for me. Needles were placed in different locations to ease the pain. I felt nothing! Since that initial appointment, I have returned several times, each time progressing. I went from a wheel chair, to a crutch, to now walking without any pain. I plan to continue working with Acupuncture Associates simply because they are truly trustworthy and caring.” Jann

2 Practitioners:
Practitioner Name: Rebecca L Baker, L.Ac., Dipl.Ac.
In Practice Since: 2012
Treatment Specialty: Rebecca has practiced acupuncture and Chinese Herbal medicine in Castle Rock, CO since 2012. She treats a variety of conditions including, pain, GI issues, stress, anxiety, female hormone issues, vertigo and dizziness, colds and flu. She also has a certificate for Applied Clinical Nutrition (ACN).
Acceptable Forms Of Payment: Cash, Check, Charge
Insurance: No
Other Information: We are gentle and get great results. Rebecca specializes in post concussion symptoms (TBI) and migraine headaches. We combine acupuncture, herbs and nutrition to give you faster more complete results.

Practitioner Name: Heather Stacy, L.Ac., Dipl.Ac.
In Practice Since: 2018
Treatment Specialty: We specialize in digestion issues, pain management, cupping, migraines, and stress/anxiety.
Acceptable Forms Of Payment: Cash, Check, Credit Card
Insurance: No
Other Information: We do take HSA and FSA cards. We are open Monday-Saturday. Please check the website for specific hours.We do Cranio-Sacral and Reiki Therapies along with the acupuncture.