Newly founded and locally owned Community Acupuncture Clinic is seeking flexible and licensed Acupuncturist to bring affordable and holistic to Clarksville and the surrounding areas! This position is for a recently licensed Acupuncturist or an existing Acupuncturist looking for a fresh start with a new clinic.

Part-time position that could quickly grow into Full-time. You have the opportunity to provide acupuncture in a community that is close to the Kentucky boarder, Ft. Campbell and Land Between the Lakes. Nashville is quick 50 min drive and the clinic overlooks the Cumberland River! Clarksville has the perks of a city with more of a small town feel. The community here is open to holistic healing and will greatly benefit from Community Acupuncture.

Approximate start date: July 1, 2018

Please email cover letter and resume to Nicole

Join our team and grow with us!