“Ancient Pulse Theory in Modern Day Language” A Traditional Oriental Pulse Diagnosis Seminar

Sunday, June 17 , 2012

 9:30 am – 12:30 pm & 1:30 – 4:30 pm

CSTCM Campus, Room A/B


Come and FEEL what you have been missing.


Here are some of what we’ll cover for 6 hours:

  • The yin and yang of the pulse
  • The physical organ vs The function of the organ in the pulse
  • Qualitative vs Quantitative aspects
  • Breaking down the locations more precisely
  • Locating pain through the pulse and letting that guide your acu-points
  • The foundational pulse diagnosis for herbs


This workshop has A LOT of practical hands-on, visual aids and discussion.   Greg will engage and inspire you to experience the pulses in greater depth.  In 2011 he published, The Pulse Atlas: An illustrative Guide to Pulse Diagnosis”, to guide discussions around pulse studies and provide a more clear picture of the pulse.   


Enroll Early for Registration Discount

Early registration deadline is May 11, 2011


Practitioners $100, early registration $80

 AAC member Practitioners $90, early registration $70

Students $75, early registration $55

CSTCM Faculty discount 40%, early registration 50% (no other discounts apply)

Licensed Practitioners receive 6  CEU/PDA credits

Registration: online at http://cstcm.edu/pda/all  Payment must be in cash or check. Attn: Clinic Director’s Office: Continuing Education.  Credit cards are not accepted. Please make checks payable to: CSTCM, 1441 York St., Room 202, Denver, 80206,  To call: 303-329-6355, ext. 16, Clinic Directors Office.  Registration is not complete until payment is received.  Cancellation Policy: Full refund 30 days prior to workshop date: 50% refund less than  30 – 2 days: No refund less than 48 hours or No Shows.

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