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About the Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine

The Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine (CSTCM) was founded in 1989 by a group of dedicated practitioners whose passion for Chinese medicine inspired the creation of the school. CSTCM is the oldest Chinese medicine school in Colorado. We faithfully devote all our attention, resources, and energy to our Chinese Medicine programs, students, faculty, and staff at our Denver campus.

We have created an educational experience in a supportive atmosphere dedicated to teaching students how to care for themselves, each other, and the public during life’s journey. Students learn from ancient wisdom, apply it in modern society, and have the opportunity to seek personal and spiritual growth and transformation. We believe we have created not just an educational program, but we have created an experience.

Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine emphasizes extensive clinical experience with experienced clinical supervisors who have a minimum of 10 years’ experience. CSTCM clinical faculty enjoy sharing their knowledge and abilities while expanding students’ appreciation of this healing art. In the process, students work on healing themselves and others in their educational and clinical experiences. .

Picture of the President of CSTCM, Mark Manton
Mark Manton, President of Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Our faculty is diverse, accomplished, dedicated, and committed to excellence in the practice of Chinese Medicine. With this diverse faculty, students are exposed to a wide variety of styles and opinions about Chinese medicine, which will enable them to literally create a style of medicine that they understand and can be comfortable practicing.

CSTCM’s vision of Chinese Medicine includes all the Chinese Medicine traditions developed and practiced in China from ancient times to the present, including innovations and adaptations of Chinese Medicine from different countries and cultures. Our programs mirror mainland China’s Traditional Chinese Medicine education, incorporating Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Cupping, Gua-sha, Tui-na, Chinese herbal medicine, lifestyle counseling, nutrition therapy, Taiji, Qigong, and Western sciences and is adapted to fit into American education and health care systems. In addition to the core program hours, students can attend over 200 additional hours of Taiji and Qigong at no extra cost.

We invite students who are serious about a career in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and are interested in mainland China’s Traditional Chinese Medicine education to contact the Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine. If you have any specific questions or wish to arrange a tour or attend some classes, please feel free to write or call the Administrative Director.

Mark Manton, Dipl.TCM, L.Ac, LMT, Naturopath
President, CSTCM
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