Useful Information about COVID-19


3/26/2020 10:00am

Title: Your Qi in Challenging Times

Dr. Chris Cannon

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3/27/2020 9:30am

Title1: Why Chinese Herbs Can Prevent and Treat Covid-19

Dr. Xiaorong Ding

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File: prevention and treatment on covid-19 with chinese herbs

Title2: How to Use TCM to Help Preventing Coronavirus

Dr. Yi Cao

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4/1/2020 10:00am

Title:Qi Gong: Strengthening and Harmonizing: Making the Body Resilient

Matt Orischak

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4/2/2020 9:30am

Title: Covid-19 Prevention and Control: The Latest From Beijing and Wuhan

Dr. Joe Brady

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File: Covid-19 Prevention and Control

4/9/2020 10:30am

Title: TCM and Immunity

Dr. Martha Lucas, Ph.D., L.Ac.

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4/10/2020 10:00am

Title: Community Care During Covid-19

Piper Mullins, L.Ac.

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4/14/2020 10:30am

Title:Prevention is Better Than Cure

Cheryl Harris, M.S., L.Ac., Five Element Practitioner

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4/17/2020 10:00am

Title: COVID-19: How To Stay Out Of The Hospital If You Do Get Sick

Dr. Joe Brady

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