CSTCM DAOM Program Introduction

CSTCM’s advanced DAOM degree program is based on effective practical methods from
the classics of Chinese Medicine. It includes in-depth theory and practical application of
Xiaochuan Pan’s Self Consistent System of Classical Chinese Medicine. The Chinese
Medicine classics areself-consistent, self-contained, and sempiternal collections of
centuries of observation of humanity’s relationship to the universe’s cycles of nature and

CSTCM deeply appreciates the scholars of the ages and Xiaochuan Pan for their
contributions to the study and practice of Chinese medicine from the classics.
A self-consistent system means a system that is consistent unto itself (as Chinese medicine is)
and is in harmony with the universe as a self-consistent, ever repeating, ever the same, yet
constantly evolving system. The wisdom of the ancient sages captured this self-consistent
essence and distilled it into Chinese medicine classics. From this viewpoint, they created a
medicine to restore their patients’ natural wisdom and energy cycles. Finding harmony and
balance within the great cycles of nature is a wisdom of health and healing that persists, pervades,
and defines a self-consistent system.
We thank Xiaochuan Pan for providing his scholarly efforts and methods from his years of study
and practice applying the wisdom found in the Chinese medicine classics and sharing this
profound natural science with us.


Our goal at CSTCM is to provide a unique platform and experience for the CSTCM faculty and
DAOM students as they undertake this journey into the ancient wisdom of this extraordinary
healing art. The following curriculum and course descriptions outline the CSTCM advanced
DAOM degree program and how it incorporates the self-consistent system of study and practical
application into the program design. This program aims to prepare each graduate to become the
best results-oriented practitioner of Chinese medicine they can become.
We invite you to partake of this amazing opportunity to deepen your practice, develop your
understanding and enjoy the results from this unique healing art.

For More Information, please refer to the DAOM Catalog or contact the DAOM Dean at: daom@cstcm.edu, or fill in the inquiry form.

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