Denver, CO – Licensed Acupuncturist Position Available

Lixin Acupuncture Clinics ®
“the key to a healthy and long life”
Lixin Acupuncture Clinics Inc.
Li Xin Zhang, L. Ac
155 S. Madison St. Ste 209, Denver, CO 80209
Phone: 303-832-7070

Busy Clinic Seeking Soon-To-Be Graduates or Recent

Job Description
Looking for a Colorado licensed acupuncturist. This is an amazing opportunity to
learn and grow along side a great master of Chinese medicine. Our treatments
follow the Nei Jing for acupuncture and the Shang Han Lun for herbals. We see
miraculous results due to a unique pulse /organ system diagnosis and needling
technique that has been refined through 10 generations of family doctors in
Lixin’s family. We have a complete raw herbal pharmacy that you will be using in
your treatments for patients, (a background in herbal knowledge is
recommended). We are located in Cherry Creek and offer a high level of
solutions for treating chronic conditions that include cancer with Chinese

The position is full-time / 40 hours a week. Starting wage will depend on
Ideal candidate is cheerful, energetic. They must have people skills and a good
team worker. Our candidate should be able to present themselves as a leader to
their patients and have good work ethics. They should also be competent with
computers (apple’s preferred).