Holistic Health Co-Working Community – Beautiful & Affordable Shared Offices!

The Boulder Healing Hub has beautifully furnished and light-filled shared bodywork / acupuncture offices available for rent at *very* affordable rates. Best of all the Hub is a thriving community of healing practitioners who support one another so we can sustainably support our clients. Practitioners who work out of the Hub get the professional freedom and full income that go along with having a private practice, AND they get the support and camaraderie that come along with being a part of a thriving community. It’s the best of both worlds! We have bodyworkers, counselors, coaches, acupuncturists, naturopaths, nutritionists (and more!) that are a part of our professional team. This leads to referrals across disciplines and creates an integrated holistic environment for our clients.

Our four shared “bodywork” rooms are available from 7am to 9pm every day of the week, and are booked as needed using a shared online calendar. There is almost 100% availability, allowing you to schedule clients at every time and day of the week. Each room has a stunning view of the Flatirons, as well as adjustable tables with foam cushions, heating pads, fleece covers, blankets, bolsters, etc. The rooms are well sound-proofed, very professional, and come many fixings – tissues, water, cups, pens, clipboards, speakers, etc. (We also have multiple private offices available for rent as well as a part of our community suite – feel free to inquire!) Unfortunately you cannot burn moxa anywhere in the building, but you are welcome to use various moxa alternatives that don’t involve fire or smoke. We have storage space available where you can keep your own sharps container, and any other products that you use as a part of your practice.

The Boulder Healing Hub has:
-great location and parking
-beautifully furnished rooms with views of Flatirons
-two beautiful waiting rooms
-water and tea service
-cleaning service
-wifi throughout the suite
-showers and kitchen access
-all room supplies provided (tissues, clipboards, pens, speakers, etc.)
-practitioner break room
-personal storage space for sheets, herbs, needles, etc.
-large classroom to rent for public workshops and presentations
-practitioner listing on our website and link to your personal website
-fellow practitioner referrals to build your practice
-an amazing community of practitioners for support (open houses, potlucks for networking, etc.)

Current shared office rates are starting at $125/month for UNLIMITED office usage! This includes access to all four furnished rooms any time or day of the week/end, and all of the various perks and amenities. (We also have a couple individual private offices of various prices available in the Hub at the moment, with the same Hub benefits – use the form below to inquire.)

Learn more about us at www.BoulderHealingHub.com. And if you’d like to meet in person and see the space please fill out our practitioner inquiry form at http://www.boulderhealinghub.com/practitioner-inquiry-form/

We look forward to connecting!