Housing Options In And Near Denver

Housing/Apartment Options In And Near Denver

Below is a list of links which provide searches for either apartments or houses. In the past, these have been very useful for some of our out of state students. You will want to search by zip code and we have included an extensive interactive list below (just click on the zip code for more information about that area). We also have a map with zip- codes (at the bottom of this page), so you can get a feel for where you are searching and of course the red star on the map is the location of the school. We hope this helps in your search.

DISCLAIMER:  The Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine is not affiliated and does not recommend or endorse any of the products or web sites listed and providing a link does not represent an endorsement. All links and comments are provided from online internet sources and not by any person or persons associated with the Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Please be advised there are other similar products and web sites available online which were not reviewed and are not listed here. Some links may require you to copy and paste the link into the search bar.

  • 80202 (downtown), is considered very safe for a central business district
  • 80203, good, dense area
  • 80204, not well regarded (some people like the Baker n’hood though)
  • 80205, generally not well regarded (some people like Five Points and Whittier)
  • 80206, very nice city neighborhoods – This is where the school is located
  • 80207, very nice south, gets worse as you go north (Park Hill area)
  • 80209, Washington Park area, very nice and can be expensive
  • 80210, in and around DU, ok to very nice, lots of rental houses and college students who attend Denver University
  • 80211, Highlands area, nice, better west of Federal, gets worse as you go east
  • 80212, Berkeley, Sloan’s Lake, West Highlands, good areas
  • 80216, Elyria-Swansea, industrial, not nice
  • 80218, good, dense area
  • 80219, SW Denver, the best part is below average (Harvey Park), gets worse as you go north
  • 80220, E Denver, nice/very nice W of Quebec St, gets worse east of there
  • 80221, NW Denver/Unincorporated Adams County, lower middle class and lower
  • 80222, S/SE Denver, solidly middle class
  • 80223, SW Denver, below average generally
  • 80224, E/SE Denver, solidly middle class
  • 80227, Far SW Denver/Lakewood, solidly middle class
  • 80230, Lowry, new, nice
  • 80231, SE Denver, middle class, nice
  • 80235, SW Denver, basically a golf course community flanked by apartments, average and better
  • 80236, SW Denver, average, middle class
  • 80237, SE Denver, middle class and better, nice
  • 80238, Stapleton, people who live there generally love it, new urbanism
  • 80239, Montbello, a decaying suburban neighborhood, not well regarded
  • 80246, E Denver, average & nice established neighborhoods, and also Glendale, which is basically all cheap dense apartments; very congested. – Many apartments in Glendale have had problems with bed bugs. However, there is an investment company which has been buying up these properties and they have been gutting and fumigating them; they are beautiful and bed bug-free but a little pricey.
  • 80247, Mostly unincorporated Arapahoe, kind of average, apartments, and some random homes on large lots
  • 80249, Green Valley Ranch, a newer middle-class development that has a bad rep for some reason


Commerce City

  • 80022, isn’t well regarded (with the exception of the Reunion area subdivisions)


  • 80110, average and slightly below average area
  • 80113, nice, older homes, shares zip with elite Cherry Hills Village
  • 80112, not really Englewood, nice


  • 80233, average, middle class



Wheat Ridge

As anybody would be, if you’re concerned about crime, avoid 80205, 80207, 80216, 80239, 80223 & 80219; basically NE and SW Denver. Again, not all areas of these zip codes are bad but generally these have the highest crime rates, especially violent crime. 80220 on the border with north Aurora, in general, are also higher crime areas in the Denver metro.

Downtown is fairly safe but like any big city you need to be careful at night, especially on the north end of downtown in the Arapahoe Square area into Curtis Park and Five Points. Even some areas north and east of Coors Field can be sketchy at times.


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