How Acupuncture Can Help with Injuries

How Acupuncture Can Help with Injuries – Client Interview & Testimonial

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Q: How did you discover Acupuncture, and the Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine?

A: I am a doctor of chiropractic and so I believe an alternative type care. I don’t believe in taking drugs to mask symptoms.

I had a shoulder issue, injury that wasn’t really resolving with the normal chiropractic massage types of systems so I thought I would get acupuncture a try. One of my patients actually was coming to the school here (CSTCM) and I said I’d like to come and have you try to see what you they do for my shoulder.

Our Student Clinic offers Acupuncture, and TCM Therapies.
Q: Have you tried Acupuncture for other things besides your shoulder?

A: I’ve now been treated for a variety thing since I got such great results with my shoulder.  A year of pain was gone in basically 20 minute treatment of three needles, and so now they’ve basically got me pain-free with all my other accidents and injuries that I’ve had  – many in my lifetime.  I even come in some days where I have no problems but we do wellness care because acupuncture was always known as a prevention care that’s supposed to keep you healthy instead of instead of correcting your health so I would prefer to always come and just be prevention.

Acupuncture can be extremely helpful to those with Pain or Injuries
Q: Did you have experience with Acupuncture or TCM prior to using our clinic?

A: I have a couple of my chiropractic friends that do acupuncture.  I call them needle technicians because I don’t think they completely understand the true total scope and essence of what you’re doing with the Traditional Chinese Medicine,  because I’ve gotten much better results here than I have with just the needles and some of the standard cupping that they were doing on me before. 

Classroom for TCM
Our Students receive comprehensive training and education
Q: How long have you been coming to the Student Clinic, and how often do you visit?

A: I’ve now been coming here for a little over two years weekly I’m on almost by a 100th visit and I plan on coming for the next ten years because again it’s going to keep – it’s going to prevent me from ever being sick and having problems while I age and still do a very physical job of being a doctor of chiropractic using manual medicine.

Acupuncture Treatment for Injuries
Receiving Care in our Student Clinic
Q: Have the treatments you have received at our Student Clinic been helpful in treating all of your health concerns?

A: Very successful for all my health Concerns.

Q: What has your experience been like in working with our Students, Faculty and Staff?

The faculty and staff are really second to none I have been very very impressed with their knowledge with their expertise and how good of practitioners they really are, and how they’ve instilled that that quality and detail to the students and I’ve gone through – I think four or five classes of interns now and every one of them had to have had exceptional interns that have become good oriental medicine doctors afterwards.

Students Learning TCM
Happy Students
Q: Would you recommend this medicine to others?

A: I send many patients here all the time I recommend them.  In fact today at my office I gave out your card twice and I still bring one of my patients here.  It was a chronic pain patient that I had just hit a kind of a plateau with he comes with me every week now and we’ve seen significant improvements in his back pain and his shoulder pains as some of his other health problems.

Preparing Herbs at our on-site Herbal Pharmacy
Q: Final Thoughts?

I would just like to say to most people that if you’re going to do oriental or Chinese medicine you need to find a practitioner that does it with the traditional ways using the traditional needles the traditional copying the traditional herbs because you will get fantastic results, because they have

4,000 years of practice at this and experience and refining so it’s much better than any other type of health care I’ve ever seen in the world.

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