In Memoriam George Kitchie

In Memoriam 1946 -2022
CSTCM announces the passing of George Kitchie DOM, LAc and founding partner of CSTCM.
George passed away quietly in his sleep on September 21, 2022. He was indeed one of a kind, a uniquely talented Chinese Internal Medicine Practitioner, CSTCM teacher, administrator, and CSTCM School President for 28 years. His extraordinary dedication to Chinese Herbal Medicine manifested in his voluminous Materia Medica notes that he shared freely with all CSTCM students. A former bull riding rodeo cowboy from Florida who found a true home in Chinese Medicine and Denver.
Chinese Medicine is where he found relief from the injuries related to his rodeo career, which made him a true believer in the power of the Medicine. He had tried everything else, yet CM helped him the most. He felt that being a practitioner, a founding partner, and leading CSTCM through 28 years of growth, accreditation, and success was among his proudest accomplishments. His work ethic was unsurpassed; it was not uncommon for him to work 70-80 hours per week doing what he loved, Chinese Medicine and running CSTCM.
He was fond of all the CSTCM faculty, students, graduates, administrators, and associates. He cared deeply for them and the profession in his special gruff yet quiet and humble way. He had a keen inquisitive mind and powerful memory that served him well as a practitioner, teacher, and school President. He believed anyone who wanted to learn Chinese Medicine should be offered the chance and frequently advocated for students seeking admission. He was also a demanding professional with high expectations for all his students, staff, and faculty and was never satisfied with resting upon his laurels.
George’s Chinese Zodiac was the Fire Dog, with the attributes of being dedicated, loyal, hardworking, and valuing friendships that fit well with his love for golden retrievers, whom he considered his best and closest companions. He was always happy when walking them and watching them run and play.
Among George’s hobbies was collecting things; he had extensive collections of baseball cards, comic books, and Beanie Babies. George retired in 2018 and enjoyed his quiet and peaceful retirement reading books and pursuing hobbies.
We will miss George and his wry smile, mischievous sparkle, and everything he meant to Chinese Medicine and us.

Colorado School of Chinese Medicine
Board of Directors

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