Getting to the Point

Acupuncture Now Foundation

The ANF has teamed up with Doug Dearth, creator of the award-winning film 9000 Needles, to create a feature-length documentary about acupuncture’s expanding role in modern healthcare.


After releasing 9000 NeedlesDoug Dearth traveled across the United States screening his film for colleges, hospitals, schools and clinics, with one thing in mind; to bring awareness to acupuncture as an amazing, and often times over-looked, medicine.  What surprised him most during this time was the exposure he gained to modern day, cutting-edge acupuncture programs that were currently being implemented in the arena of Western medicine. From cancer patients receiving acupuncture in San Francisco to acupuncture being used on patients with traumatic brain injuries in North Carolina, many of these programs are taking place is some of today’s most respected hospitals and medical institutions.

With support from the non-profit The Acupuncture Now Foundation, Doug’s newest documentary film, Get To The Point, will dive deeper into the implementation of acupuncture in today’s Western medicine. We will visit such organizations as Acupuncturists Without Borders to highlight their amazing philanthropic work throughout the world and meet Ruth McCarthy, Clinical Director of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture at CHOC Children’s Hospital to learn how her integrated medicine treatment is helping children with cancer.  As we explore these and many other innovative acupuncture programs on the forefront of today’s Western medicine, we will meet the patients and families who have benefitted from this medicine and hear their stories. And we will get to the point by turning to experts and lawmakers to discuss the many issues surrounding the future of acupuncture in our modern medical system. Most importantly, we will learn what we can do, individually and collectively, to help this effective medicine become more accessible to all who need it.