Treating Endometriosis & PCOS with Acupuncture

Client Interview & Testimonial

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Q: What brought you to try Acupuncture and TCM at our Student Clinic?

A: Well I was in pain for a long long time and this was about I did 17 years ago..16 years ago. I was working with the co-worker and she was actually a patient here.  She noticed that I was limping and we had to do security back then and walk a long way, so she just noticed that I was limping, and I said well the doctors do not know how to fix my problem.

So, she said well I take Acupuncture you need to give it a try, and I was like “wait a minute that’s more pain – they’re sticking you with needles.” He says just give it a try, so I came over here and the first treatment…well, you know I didn’t feel anything immediately but maybe like three days…four days in I felt awesome.  I felt a lot of relief. I literally stopped crying because I would cry every night. It was that much pain.

But as time went on, and my body got more used to the treatments,  it was just phenomenal, and I had to get used to the medicine it was a little different. I think the best part of doing the acupuncture and doing the treatments – I was also doing Western medicine at the same time and they were wondering what are you doing to mend your bones because I had basically my cases – I had a fracture that stemmed from the bottom of my foot the center of the foot and went all the way up to the kneecap.  The fracture was that long and it wasn’t caught until five years later. But you guys caught it immediately so they did treatments with like something called Bear Claw back then, and it was mending the bones and they had no clue, and I literally went to the Broncos rehab centers and they didn’t catch it either they had no clue, so yeah, this is awesome medicine.

Herbal Pharmacy
A Student Practitioner in our on-site Herbal Pharmacy

Q:How long have you been using Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine?

A: Oh boy, about… before it even came became a school if that makes sense. I think that was over 15 to 20 years ago.  Yeah I remember talking to I think his name is Parago. Yeah and ran into him and he said well you know you like the treatment so much you know what do you think about us, and this stuff is so awesome I would love to become a student here in time.

You know, it was that phenomenal.   So I’ve been going that long, before it was even a school.

Treatment in our Student Clinic
Treatment in our Student Clinic

Q:Have the treatments you have received at the Student Clinic been successful for your health concerns?

A: Yeah um recently us say about a year ago you guys who are treating me for something we nicknamed the ‘mucus baby.’   You guys kept me out of a lot of pain I was battling. I won’t say the facility’s name but I was battling with this major hospital for five years to get surgery and they refused treatment. I had to go to war.   In the meanwhile you guys gave me comfort and you treated that pain and you removed a lot of the – in your medicine its phlegm or dampness. So you removed a lot of that and subsided the pain as much as you could.

So when I finally got this the final surgery they removed something almost the size of your camera, so it was a pretty huge mass.  I suffer with Endometriosis and PCOS, so they let the mass grow that long and that large, but your clinic it it’s awesome it really helps with reproductive issues and female issues and helps you to subside pain immediately.

Treatments have been so effective that my son he’s only 25 years old,  he’s thinking about trying it. My mother who is very stubborn, and she is an RN,  and you know how doctors and nurses are in the Western world. They are stubborn people. She wants to try the medicine and my Western doctor is very much on board.  He is an acupuncturist along with a pelvic pain management specialists at University Hospital.

So he’s very on board for my treatments here.

Acupuncture Needle
Acupuncture Needle

Q: What has your experience been like working with our Students?

A: They’re awesome.  It’s like when they graduate I hate to see them go because it’s like they become family and I love their personalities.  Everyone is different and they bring something different to the table, and they’re warm in their own way, or they’re motherly in their own way and I love it when I come through the door and they know what to expect of me.

Some days they can just look at me and see my level of pain and they know the level of treatment they need to go into straight from there without even talking to the teacher that’s over them.  It shows me their level of professionalism, their level of knowledge for acupuncture and also their bedside manner, which is deteriorating in the Western medicine world.

Student Practitioners at CSTCM in Denver

Q: Would you recommend our Student Clinic?

A: Yes, because it’s affordable – even though it’s run by students I’ve always recommended it actually. To me it’s like a little hidden gem.  I’ve literally seen professional acupuncturist and not to knock their treatment but they’re more brutal, and with the students they can be more gentle and more understanding, especially for your level of pain that particular day.

So, I highly highly recommend it.  I do – the price is awesome and this is what I do love about Parago and everything here at CSTCM is that if you are going through a hardship they will not ignore that you are going through that hardship, and I have been going through some hard times financially and emotionally, and they have been like family.  They’ve understood.

Please call 303-329-6355 ext 10 to schedule an appointment.